Internet Papineau, your 100% local internet service provider.
A service offered by competent, courtious and experienced personnel.

Internet Papineau is a non-profit organization that focuses on the development of a high speed internet network in rural communities.

Our mission  is to offer the public an affordable and reliable internet option in the areas with little to no network alternatives.

Browse at high speeds…
Get on the web at affordable prices!

Send videos, music, pictures and get in touch with friends, family and colleagues with ease. Browse the web in a stable and reliable way.

Our Service Plans

Wireless Internet

Residential (5mbps) 5 Gb $24.99
Residential (5mbps) 10 Gb $32.95
Residential (5mbps) 40 Gb $42.95
Residential (5mbps) 60 Gb $52.95
Residential (5mbps) 80 Gb $62.95
Residential (5mbps) 100 Gb $72.95
Residential (7mbps) Unlimited $86.95
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In July 2014, after seven years of partnership with Xittel Telecommunication, Internet Papineau became an autonomous entity. Our project has come a long way, thanks in no small part to Xittel’s efforts.

As of October 2015, our local team of professionals has taken on the responsibility of managing and integrating the service on the entire territory regrouping Papineau county as well as l’Ange-Gardien and Notre-Dame-De-La-Salette municipalities.