A few facts

  • Founded in 2007, Internet Papineau is a regional non-profit organization aiming to offer high-speed internet to residents of Papineau as well as l’Ange-Gardien and Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette, historically neglected by major providers because of their weak return on investment.
  • We have invested more than $1 500 000 in order to lay down our network’s infrastructures (towers, antennas, etc.)
  • We have sixty-two telecommunication towers.
  • We are handling any and every technical or marketing need we may have ourselves.

A brief history

In 2005, facing lack of cooperation from large telecommunication businesses, Papineau county decided to take initiative in creating its own high-speed internet network. It notably did so participating in the “Connected Villages” program under which the county, along with the Coeur-des-Vallées and Western Quebec school boards get their own interconnected optic fibre network. In order to realize this project, 24 municipalities come together and connect municipal buildings, schools and libraries. This union then gave birth to a non-profit corporation named Internet Papineau which must orchestrate and develop a network accessible to consumers and businesses alike on the entirety of the Papineau county territory as well as the Coeur-des-Vallées School Board locations.

Internet Papineau strives to keep control over its orientation and vows to own all its equipment. Our territory encompasses 26 municipalities, 24 of them within Papineau county and 2 in the Collines county, covering over 3000 km2 and with a little over 24 000 inhabitants.

We chose to be a Non-profit composed of a board of directors named by our main financial partners. Amongst these, we find Papineau County,