How does our wireless technology work?

Line of Sight (LOS) :

In order for our customers to receive a clear and stable signal, it should be possible to see the emitting tower’s antenna. Hence, we always install the client antenna in such a way that line of sight with the tower is never broken.

To exemplify, if the tower you will receive service from is located three kilometres away, you should be able to see it clearly with binoculars. If trees, buildings, a hill or any other obstacle stands in the way, it is unlikely that a stable connection will be possible with our current technology.

Our network map is built with this technology taken into account; it will offer various possibilities depending on tower placement.

No Line of Sight (NLOS) :

With the arrival of the new Wimax technology, it is possible that a customer might be close enough to an emitting tower for a clear and stable connection even though some obstacles obstruct the line of sight.