IP Phone

A simple, efficient and cheap alternative


Is your current phone line expensive? Our IP Phone service can take care of that. No more huge bills featuring services at $5 or even $7 a piece.


  • Long-distance calls anywhere in Quebec
  • Call Display (with name and number)
  • Voice-Mail
  • Call Waiting

*Installation (with High-Speed Internet service)

Other features

  • Keep your number
  • In most regions, we are able to transfer your current phone number (at the cost of 35$).

  • Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Enjoy a personalized and efficient service delivered by our dynamic team

  • $0.04 for long-distance calls outside Quebec
  • Our long-distance fee anywhere in North-America is $0.04 a minute

*Number transfer fees applicable

*911 taxes applicable


$27 a month.