Connected to the community

community: our heart in the right place

Empowering Connectivity: 15 Years of Dedication to the Community

We are and will be there for you. Well-rooted in the region, we have been overseeing the digital development of the community for 15 years and our motivation is still to offer the best to the people here in a transparent and honest way. Choosing Internet Papineau as an Internet provider also means creating quality jobs in our villages, in a field that is oriented towards the future.

Your participation gives our community a chance to benefit from its own investments.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Internet Papineau, we offer our subscribers a wide range of services. It is our mission to continuously improve our services by:

We want to be your reference when it comes to computers. We want to help you in the best way we can, because we have our heart in the right place.