Collaboration and mobility solutions for businesses in Outaouais

Device and mobility management

Teleworking is no longer a trend but a long-term productivity solution that organizations must adapt to. Establishing a responsive, agile, and secure remote collaboration system with mobile devices quickly became a necessity. We support you in choosing the right devices for your needs and efficient management tools to simplify your internal processes. The integration and administration of mobile devices (laptops, smartphones and tablets) must take into account their compatibility with your current systems and their ability to connect securely to your network.

In addition to device management, our experts ensure rigorous identity and access management and implement the necessary applications or software to facilitate remote collaboration. The goal is to optimize the functionality and security of mobile devices within the company, while ensuring the adequate protection of your data.

Inventory and IT assets management

Having a comprehensive view of all your business’s IT assets or hardware inventory is essential to keep your operations running smoothly. Good inventory management optimizes the life cycle of your equipment. We offer everything you need to manage and track your material: label printers and barcode scanners specifically designed to meet the demands of manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics, as well as mobile workers.

Microsoft 365 cloud services

In recent years, the cloud-based solution has established itself in business as it facilitates IT management in addition to freeing up physical space otherwise occupied by traditional equipment. To take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud, Microsoft 365 is a complete productivity solution, ideal for small businesses.

The Microsoft 365 Productivity Cloud combines Office software, intelligent cloud services, and advanced security features to enable employees to work from anywhere. Plus, make sure you always stay up to date and don’t have to worry about renewals with automatic updates. With Exchange Online, your mail server benefits from all the advantages of cloud computing. With Microsoft Teams your teams communicate and collaborate effectively. Sharepoint Online gives you a platform for easy document sharing while your OneDrive storage space allows you to access your files from anywhere, with any device.

Video Conferencing Room Systems

Video conferencing has established itself as a new collaboration standard. We guide you towards the best videoconferencing solution, to minimize your teams transportation. Whether it is to connect through your own system or through a hosted platform that does not require any physical installation in your offices, we find the solution that best suits your business reality.

IP telephony

With the rising of teleworking, IP telephony or VOIP, for Voice over Internet Protocol, is an advantageous solution for companies wishing to increase their productivity and reduce their costs. This remote communication system uses the internet to transmit voice, thus eliminating the limitation to land lines. Wherever your teams are located, they have access to their designated telephone line, via the technology of their choice: web portal, softphone or even on a mobile device. IP telephony offers all the same features, plus the additional option of receiving your voicemail messages by email.