Facilities cabling

The cabling of your installations is nothing less than the nervous system of your IT infrastructure. A structured, well-designed cabling or Wi-Fi network installed by certified technicians is essential to the efficiency and productivity of your organization, in addition to being reliable and secure. We carry out for you the design, deployment, optimization, verification of cabling, as well as the implementation of physical security systems and audio-video technologies for conference rooms.

Wireless network

Even if it’s invisible, your wireless network plays a critical role in keeping your operations running smoothly. Its reliability and performance guarantee the efficiency of your teams, which is why it is not enough to install a Wi-Fi router so that everyone can collaborate effectively. Our experts provide thoughtful planning, a site survey to identify coverage areas, and installation of the equipment needed to deliver the signal level required for your productivity.

Data storage

Undoubtedly, one of the most valuable assets of organizations today is their data; customer lists, accounts receivable and other files containing sensitive information. It is essential that they are accessible and always protected. We guide you towards the solution best suited to your business reality in terms of data backup, to have sufficient storage capacity to meet your current and future needs and to control the risks associated with Security.


Migrating data to virtual servers optimizes the operations of organizations in addition to saving annual IT budget. Virtualizing your infrastructure has the advantage of simplifying the architecture of the IT system, ensuring better protection of your data, and simplifying the backup process.

Business continuity and recovery solutions

No organization is immune from breakdowns or disaster. Developing a business continuity plan and implementing recovery solutions allow you to recover your data and recover quickly in the event of equipment breakdown or disaster. Our experts help you prepare for the unexpected by developing a backup strategy and procedures that will be put in place in the event of a disaster.