Internet Speeds: How much do you really need?

New technology being installed in the area promises consumers access to ultrarapid internet connections. Subscription to these services, however, is much more expensive than to those currently available. Avoid overpaying by picking a service that is fitting to your actual needs with these considerations.

How do you use your connection?

Bandwidth usage is not the same for any activity online. Here is an overview of speeds required to perform common tasks (see graphic)

If you were, for instance, a couple, both working from home, living with a teenager who spends most of his free time gaming online, you should assuredly plan for more bandwidth than a retired couple whose internet usage is essentially sending and receiving e-mail and keeping in touch with family through social media.

How many devices access internet simultaneously?

The above-mentioned speeds are cumulative; if a person watches an HD movie on Netflix (5 to 10 Mbps) while someone else is browsing web pages (3 to 5 Mbps) on the same connection, it should be expected to have 8 to 15 Mbps of available bandwidth to have a satisfying and seamless experience.

Even when you are not actively using a device, you should keep in mind that most computers, tablets, smart speakers, or smart TVs may use your available bandwidth and hence hinder your experience. We would advise you power down devices when they are not needed (or enable airplane mode).

How can you improve your connexion?

Being subscribed to an ultrarapid service does not guarantee full access to advertised speeds; placement and configuration of your devices both have a major impact on performance and distribution of Wi-Fi connections. For instance, your router’s optimal position is at the center the house, on the same floor as most demanding devices such as TVs and computers.


Our team will gladly provide advice regarding placement and configuration of devices to optimize your internet access performance, all free of charge.


Why pay more for something you don’t need?

Internet Papineau offers speeds of up to 20 Mbps throughout most of the region – we even go up to 50 Mbps in many villages. This is plenty for a lot of households, families, couples, or people living alone with typical internet needs. Is it worth paying 40% to 100% more to access speeds that will be left unused? Internet Papineau believes that a good internet service should not have to carry an outrageous price tag.

If you wonder what kind of speed you might need, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 819-506-2110. Our team in Plaisance will gladly help you find the internet plan suited for your actual needs.