Community IT Services

We offer personalised user support, free of charge, for all aspects of consumer electronics use. If a member of our community has an issue syncing pictures with a cloud service, accessing web pages, using a smart TV or connecting a screen to a computer, we have, amongst our team, someone that will know how to solve the problem. We make the know-how and expertise, which we have developed over years of professional IT services, available to us, collectively; we do so because we believe that technology should be accessible, regardless of where you chose to live.

We like to picture this service as a wide range between “knowledgeable grandchild” and experienced professional; people can reach to us for simple advice, we can connect to their computers remotely and guide them in accomplishing what they set out for, or they can even bring out their devices to our office where we will fix them. Young, old and everyone in between, our knowledge and skill ultimately belongs to our community.

In short

  • Software support, remote connection
  • Advice on software and hardware
  • Advice and support on wireless and smart home devices
  • Advanced software diagnostic and debugging
  • Hardware diagnostic, on appointment in Plaisance
  • Hardware repair when parts are still available

What we do not do

  • Free corporate services
  • Phone or tablet repairs
  • Work under pressure; our services are provided according to availability of assigned ressources