Launch of the Papineau Numérique Information Site and Interactive Map

The Papineau RCM and its partner, Internet Papineau, announce the launching of the new information site of the Papineau Numérique project.

The scalable platform, which is now the reference tool for information concerning the high-speed Internet deployment project within the territory, contains all the latest news about the project, including an interactive map. The RCM population is invited to consult the map to follow the development of the fibre network and to enter their address to find out if fibre optics will be available in their homes.

This map indicates the present layout for the first phase of the Papineau Numérique project. The second phase, which was filed with the CRTC in April 2020, is still undergoing acceptance. Over the next few weeks, the layout will be updated based upon work progress, i.e. land surveys, pole applications, network construction and the availability of fibre service.

While waiting for service availability, the public is invited to fill out the interest form on the site, so as not to miss out on any news.

The Papineau RCM’s Papineau Numérique project aims to improve the capacity, availability, speed and stability of high-speed Internet throughout the territory. Between now and 2021, close to 195 km of fibre-optic cable will be laid in order to connect 3153 homes or businesses in 12 municipalities that are currently not or only partially served by a reliable modern connection. In order to maximize local benefits, Internet Papineau has been mandated to operate the fibre-optic network once it is built. The Papineau Numérique project has three objectives: promote the competitiveness of the local economy, strengthen regional appeal and improve citizen quality of life through access to digital technology.

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